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Health Benefits of Eating Omelette

Omelette has become one of the most voted meal for breakfast by people all over the countries, and we will explain it to you based on its health benefits of eating omelette everyday.

1. Good source of energy

 Each serving of 100g plain omelette contains 647 kJ or 155 kcal, which is a good source for a quick energy refill. Athletes are also used to eat omelette as breakfast since it will give them lots of extra energy before practicing.

2. Protein source

Egg is well known as one of the main protein source, especially for the bodybuilders. They never miss this dish even just for a day, since the protein inside is good for the muscle development. Only in a serving of 100g, you’ll get around 12,6 grams on protein! That’s a lot!

3. Rich of vitamin

You might not be surprised by this, but egg is well known to have various type of vitamin inside. So, by having omelette each morning, you’ll get so many vitamin, from Vitamin A, B, D, E, and K. And these vitamins will surely do magic for your body! Read More: Health Benefits of Eating Fish for Breakfast

4. Maintain strong bones

The amount of calcium inside this dish is able to maintain your bones strong and healthy. As it’s contains 50 mg of calcium in every 100g serving, it will help your body to maintain strong bones, and avoid yourself from any bone related disease!

5. Keeps healthy blood circulation

By eating omelette in daily, you’ll get a good blood circulation. Since this dish contains iron, which is playing a great role for our blood and the blood circulation as well. And sure, you’ll get away from any blood-related disease!

6.  Stress-reliever

You might be surprised but eating omelette as your breakfast might set you into a good mood for the day, since this dish contains magnesium, that helps our body to get relaxed and set your nerves into a calmer state, and surely it will help you to get a good day ahead! Click This: Health Benefits of Salad for Breakfast

7. Get rid of bad bacteria and viruses

Benefits of eating omelette everyday – As this dish contains phosphorus, it will help your body to get rid over bad bacteria and viruses out from our body system. And it also means that your body will gain more immunity as well by having this dish regularly.

8. Maintain good nerves system

Omelette will gives you extra protection for your nerves health, as it contains potassium. Potassium is well known able to maintain your nerves system healthy, and also increases your reflexes as well! That’s why lots of athletes having this good dish almost every day.

9. Maintain amount of fluid inside our body

Consuming this dish in moderation will help your body maintain the amount of fluid inside your body. As it contains sodium, it helps your excretion and secretion system to control the amount of fluid inside your body. Read This: Health Benefits of Having A Smoothie for Breakfast

10. Increases immunity

As explained above, this dish is able to increases your immunity thanks to the phosphorus inside the omelette. But beside it, the help from zinc is also give a great role for your immunity as well. So having this dish as your daily meal is really a good choice!

11. Prevent human health degeneration

As we’ve known, omelette has bring lots of benefits explained above. But another great fact from a study in 2005, it’s proved that the carotenoids inside the yolk plays a great role in eye and vision wellness. It’s the same element as in carrot, which is also gives a good role for our eyesight.

12. Improves brain development

As the yolk contains choline, it helps our brain to develop better than average people, and this is a very important element needed for the children, since their brain development is still ongoing. And usually the doctors are recommending omelette as their main breakfast. Check This: Health Benefits of Eating Sweet Potatoes for Breakfast

13. Improves hair, nails, and skin health

The good amount of Vitamin B-complex inside the egg is enough to improves your hair, nails, and skin health. It will make your hair and nails grow soft and strong and make your skin smoother. And now you know why egg is always involved in every hair, nails, and skin treatment!